Top 5 Smart Tips For A Factoring Application

Businesses monitor the cash flow demands on a regular basis. Nowadays, they use the invoice factoring, especially when they don’t want to get loans from banks. If you own a business and you want to submit a factoring application, consider the 5 tips given below before you go ahead and submit your application.

1. The Factoring Application

First of all, you need to get in touch with the factoring company so that they get to know more about your business. You can also talk to the company on the phone. The information you will provide is given below:

· The name of your company

· Business type

· Information about your valued customers

· Your contact information

The acceptance of your application depends largely upon the type of your business and customers. Most factoring companies prefer invoices owed by trusted businesses. Individual consumers are not that important in their eyes.

2. Aging Reports

In the aging report, details for the initial application are included. The report mentions the amount that the customers owe and the time they will take to make payment. Usually, customers that make payment within 30 days are considered better than those who take more time.

3. The Process of Factoring

The buying of accounts receivable at a good ratio of discount is called factoring. The factoring provider offers an upfront payment on invoices that are approved. The factor takes care of the collection process and then releases the balance as soon as the invoice is paid by the customer. The fee is deducted by the factor before the balance is released.

4. The Cost of Factoring

So, how much will the factoring cost? This is a common question. The cost depends upon the industry, customer strength and the time it takes for the payment to be received.

The pricing is also affected by the value of invoices. The rates will be better if the volume is higher.

5. The Underwriting Process

The factor is interested in your customers’ strength because they are going to buy the account receivable instead of putting together a plan. Moreover, the factor will conduct an evaluation of the creditworthiness of each customer.

Aside from this, the factor will look at the public records of the company to verify the titles. This search involves liens, judgments, corporate status, pending litigation, UCC, criminal records, back taxes and so on. It also includes other items that may affect the process of receiving payments.

On average, the process of due diligence may take 5 to 10 days on fresh accounts. As soon as the starting review process is finished, the approved customers can receive cash within 24 hours. So, the process is not as complicated as most people think and the cash can be received easily.

Factoring offers cash flow solutions for old and new businesses. And they can offer funds for expansion, growth, and expenses.

So, this was a brief introduction to the process of factoring. Hopefully, you can take the right steps now.


Are You Have an Credit’s? How’s Your Credit?

As a business owner you’re entitled to create for yourself a business credit profile to eventually obtain a massive amount of money in your business name alone.

But what about your personal credit? Many work from home business owners credit scores are just too low. Costing them thousands of dollars and can be easily rectified if they could learn how to raise their credit score.

So what do you have to do to raise your credit score?

Well for starters you’ll need to see what’s on the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax) reports on you. You can obtain a free credit report from each credit reporting bureau once per year or if you were denied credit recently. If you don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks for your reports to come in the mail you could always pay the $40 fee to and get immediate access to all of your reports.

Once you’ve acquired your credit reports, if you discover you have any negative items on them, then you’ll need to be about the business of getting those items removed, even if you were at fault for them being there.

What most people don’t know about restoring their credit is that when you have negative items on your reports, you can dispute them with either a dispute letter via the mail or online at Experian and TransUnion. Equifax won’t allow you to dispute negative items online, you’ll have to go via the snail mail route with them. There is an advantage to disputing those items online because it’s less time consuming. And besides, who wants to wait for reports to come in the mail if they don’t have to.

So when you file a dispute, the credit reporting bureau Experian, TransUnion, Equifax has to contact the creditor who reported the negative item or delinquency on your report and ask them to verify the accuracy of the account. The creditor is required by law to provide proof of the account within a 30 day time period. If they don’t, those item(s) will automatically be removed from the requesting credit bureau for failing to provide proof.

If for some reason you later check your reports and see that the negative items were not removed, then you’ll need to challenge it in writing. If you’ll consistently challenge the credit bureaus about items that don’t come off, eventually the creditor will stop responding or fail to provide proof of the account. When that happens that creditor will not respond to the credit bureau’s request within the 30-day required time-frame and the delinquency will then be removed.

Take the power into your own hands and raise your own credit score.


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Hello world. This my website!

Hello world. This my website!